What’s in Your Diaper Bag? { Adriana Klas }

It’s Friday, and you know that means it’s time for another diaper bag reveal of one of our favorite stylish mamas! Today the bag in question belongs to talented photographer Adriana Klas, who is mom to little Conor and baby Emily. We are also proud to have Adriana as one of our vendor guide members. Be sure to visit her website to check out some of her work.

The Bag:
Tara by TRKFLD: “I love this bag! It was actually my camera bag and then quickly converted to my baby bag! It has tons of room with different pockets so it holds everything perfectly!”

What’s Inside:
1) Pampers Size 1 Diapers and Wipes: “In my opinion Pampers is the best!”

2) BlaBla Rattle: “This was a little gift to Emily when she was born and we have carried it with us ever since. Totally darling and a perfect way for me to keep both kids distracted. I ask Conor to shake it for her and it keeps them both entertained long enough for me to get my Starbucks chai tea in the morning! Love it!”

3) Canon Point and Shoot Camera: “I usually do not want to carry my ‘big camera’ and gear (unless we are doing a major day long activity) so I always have my little Canon point and shoot on me! I feel lost without it!”

4) Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloths: “I cannot live without these! Perfect for Emily’s little spit ups, and even better for my four year old, Conor, who is always into something! They are perfect and smell amazing!”

5) Soothie: “Where would I be without the Soothie?! I have no idea…but thank goodness for them!”

6) iPhone

7) Petite Bateau Bodysuit: “I always keep extra bodysuits on hand just in case there is an accident. I try to keep three in my bag at all times; you can never to too prepared! And Petite Bateau is simply the best! They fit perfectly!”

8) Cars Legos: “I always have Conor’s legos in my bag! Just in case he starts to have a melt down those always seem work for him!”

9) Jergens Hand Lotion: “With two kids I am always washing my hands and always need lotion! A total must!”

10) Little Giraffe Luxe Blanket: “Amazingly soft and comfy, these blankets have become a quick favorite in our house! We never go anywhere without Emily’s lite pink blanket! (Conor has his too in Brown!)”

Photo of Adriana: Delbarr Moradi

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    What’s in Your Diaper Bag? { Adriana Klas } http://t.co/65jcLcvW

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    “@ontobaby: What’s in Your Diaper Bag? { Adriana Klas } http://t.co/DIwj2DH6” love it!!!

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    Today we’re revealing what’s inside the diaper bag of @adrianaklas! Check out her essentials: http://t.co/4QcuyVP6

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    I can’t go anywhere without my iPhone either!

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    Betty says:

    I love everything in your bag. Great photo too!

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    Cathy says:

    Great picture of mom and baby. And you included some Legos and cars for Big Brother!

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    Amy Harrison says:

    How do you become a What’s in my Diaper Bag mama? I would love to do a big reveal!