Easy DIY Nibble Tray for your Picky Toddler Eater

Are you ready for the easiest food DIY in the world? Last year, a party we featured designed by Jennifer Bishop Design generated quite a buzz over on Pinterest. It was all because of one very simple, but fantastic idea designed to please picky toddler eaters: The Nibble Tray. It is quite simply an array of foods presented in a dish with compartments.

Since that post has published, we’ve received a steady stream of emails with questions about that beautiful toddler lunch. So we put together a quick and easy Nibbler Tray DIY Project for you that anyone can pull off. On to Baby co-founder and Wedding Chicks extraordinaire Amy Squires took all of these gorgeous photos, while our resident food genius Caitlin Knoop provided the beautiful food styling (thanks, guys!).

Step 1: Find the Compartment Tray
The easiest answer is to grab your standard ice cube tray. If you don’t have one or want to get a little more creative, try something like a simple paint palette. We hear muffin tins also make a great choice. We picked up a few white paint palettes at the local Michaels and we were ready to go! There are also some pretty cool ice cube trays out there (who knew?), like this hexagon one we found at organize.com.

Step 2: Pick out the food, and prep it!
We recommend picking foods that are bright, colorful, and easy to eat with little hands. Choosing foods that will last a bit if sitting out is also a good idea. The idea of the nibble tray is that you can leave it out for your picky eater to graze as he or she desires. Obviously choosing foods you know your little one enjoys is smart, but don’t be afraid to mix some new choices in with the steady favorites.

Step 3: Arrange the food in the tray.
Listen, we told you this was easy! Just take the ready-to-eat food you prepped in step 2, and fill all of your compartments.

Step 4: For extra credit or special treat, add a dipping option!
This is optional, but it can make your tray that much more enticing for your toddler. Kids typically love to dip foods! We created homemade whipped cream for ours (google it, it’s surprisingly quick and easy!), and also provided a dollop of peanut butter. Other options could include cream cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, or a pureed fruit or vegetable, depending on what other food choices you are serving.

Step 5: Serve!
Now it’s time to present your thoughtful mini feast to your little one. Leave the tray in an easy-to-access spot, so he or she can graze over time.

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    Need help with your picky toddler eater? Try a Nibble Tray! (Thank you @weddingchicks and Caitlin Knoop for this DIY!) http://t.co/M4PU6lx3

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    On to Baby says:

    Thank you, Amy and Caitlin! We love this idea and you made the cutest nibble trays on the planet!

  5. 5
    amy says:

    We had so much fun with this little project and we ate all the toddler food. (;

  6. 6
    tifleur says:

    very nice!

  7. 7
    jocey says:

    Yay so cute. you did such an awesome job suz

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    As the mom of two young boys, I use the idea of a nibble tray all the time and wanted to share this great… http://t.co/srLFAByq

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    Try this for your picky eaters – it really works! http://t.co/OuYZthRR

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    Amanda H says:


  11. 11

    I love this. Unfortunately, I did this for my toddlers all the time… and now they still won’t eat any foods mixed together.

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    [...] this great idea through another blog who heard it from another blog (i found the blog here is the link.)… This blogger suggested using dishes such as an icecube tray, plastic paint pallet (with [...]

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    @WileyValentine @1MommysThoughts this one is super easy too @ontobaby http://t.co/2txFflPu

  14. 14

    doing this for Piper’s bday! RT @weddingchicks : @WileyValentine @1MommysThoughts this one is super easy too @ontobaby http://t.co/ggKPyGd9

  15. 15

    Super Easy DIY Nibble Tray for your Picky Toddler Eater http://t.co/bzC5j44D

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    Cally says:

    Hi mums,

    As a professional child career I can tell you by using methods like this you are wasting your time. You are giving the situation too much time and effort and your child is feeding of your attention. Time would much better spent doing an activity.

    If you give a child too much choice it confuses them and it becomes a game. If this method works it will be short lived and they will soon move on to screaming again so you’ll need the next fun game to make your child eat, as one mother suggested their child will only eat by this method. So what happens when you want your child to start nursery, eat at a restaurant etc and the only way you can feed them is through fun and games.

    If I can sum up how we should bring up children it is go back to basics. Start showing your child who is the boss instead of them running rings around you. Good luck with the quest x x x

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  20. 20

    Wonderful Idea. My little on is only 7 months old but is a very fussy eater already. she definitely knows what she wants and no one can change her mind. cant wait to try this out when she is a bit older :-)

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    mgn says:

    Do you know if the paint palettes are food safe?

  23. 23

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